Sunday, December 6, 2009

BB's Best Burgers

Having passed this place several times while out and about, I finally popped in to BB's Best Burgers in Duluth this weekend to give the place a try.  BB's menu reminds me of  The Counter burger chain, but with slightly lower prices. You choose your burger (available selections include 100% Black Angus, Bison, Turkey and a veggie Black Bean option), bun (you can also opt for no bun or a bed of lettuce instead), cheese, and a selection of unlimited or premium toppings.  BB's also has a Fifty/Fifty (fries/sweet potato fries) option as well.

I decided to grab a "to go" order of an Angus burger on a sesame bun with bacon, grilled onions, tomato, cheddar and ranch (along with an order of fries).  I also tried a Bison burger with horseradish, American cheese, red onion, tomato and ranch.  BB's patties are smaller than what you'll find at The Counter (you can order a single or double burger-I think I might go with a double next time).

The Angus burger wasn't bad at all.  Burger was cooked medium (just as I like them), well seasoned and juicy.  One quibble about the tomato (limp and mushy), but the bacon was nice and crisp.  Definitely not the best burger I've ever had, but it was still OK.  The fresh cut seasoned fries were delicious (and they don't skimp on the portion).  Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the Bison burger: very bland and not worth the price.

First impression: BB's isn't a bad little spot for a burger in the Duluth/Johns Creek area.  I'll probably stop in again for another Angus burger (a double next time) and more of those tasty fries (I think I'll go fifty/fifty on a future visit).  The menu also includes wings, hot dogs, salads, and shakes.  Free wi-fi is also available on the premises.

BB's Best Burgers
10475 Medlock Bridge Road
Duluth, GA  30097
(770) 813-3274
(770) 814-2317 (fax)


  1. Not too far from the office. I've been hankerin' for a burger lately. I will have to knock it out.

    Maybe an "Ultimate Atlanta Burger Challenge" needs to occur to find the absolute best?

  2. I've been going to BB's for a while and their burgers have gotten smaller. You have to try Flippin' Out for their charcoal grilled burgers. Quite good.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Flippin' Out Chloe. You always know the good spots! I will definitely give them a try. I'm always on the lookout for a really good burger joint.

    Joe-An Ultimate Atlanta Burger Challenge sounds good to me!