Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Visit To Super H Mart (I'm just gonna run in here for one thing and I'll be right out...)

So yesterday I paid a visit to the Duluth Super H Mart with the sole intention of picking up a pound of tilapia fillets for my dear grandmother.  I usually end up with a few extra items in my cart that aren't on my shopping list.  Would this visit be any different?

These Asian pears look nice.  I picked up a couple on a previous visit to the Johns Creek location and they were so crisp and sweet!  These would be fantastic in a salad.  I'll pick up some next time, but for now I'm moving on...

Oh, the food court!  Well, a quick stroll to the sushi section wouldn't hurt...

All right, all right, I caved.  I just had to pick up some sashimi.  It was callin' me, it really was.  OK, really moving on this time...

Short ribs! I've been wanting to try and EatBufordHighway's kalbi taco recipes (they look so good, seriously, check out both blogs if you haven't done so already). Maybe I should pick up a couple of packages?  Maybe next time!  Pick up a pound of tilapia, and then we're outta here.
Hold up, are those madeleines that I see over there? Um...

Yes, I had another moment of weakness.  What can I say?  I love madeleines, and when I'm at Super H Mart I always grab something from the bakery.  Munching on one as I type this.  Yummy!

OK, so I buckled and ended up with a couple of extra treats.  I should know by now that it is pretty much impossible for me to just run into Super H Mart for one specific item without picking up a few goodies along the way!

Super H Mart
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