Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day @ Maison Robert

What is that phrase, the best laid plans often go astray?  Well, something like that.  It was my first "free" Saturday morning in a while, so I'd planned to check out a couple of new (to me) spots that I've been wanting to try.  However, thanks to the Great Atlanta Snowstorm of 2010, those planned had to be scrapped.  Just as I was planning to whip up a little somethin' at home, I get a tweet from Maison Robert Fine Chocolates:

Snow, schmo! We are open!

Say no more!   I had been wanting to stop by ever since viewing Broderick (Savory Exposure) & Chloe's (Chow Down Atlanta) food porn-tastic photos.  It was Valentine's Day weekend, why not splurge on some sweet treats? 

As you would expect, the small shop space was packed with customers picking up their Valentine's Day goodies.  
Talk about sensory overload!  Everywhere you turned there were chocolates, pastries and loads of other tempting sweet treats.  I found myself overwhelmed for a brief moment.  What do I want?!  So many goodies to choose do I narrow it down?  

For my "sweet treat" splurge, I finally settled on a black cherry frangipane, a lemon tartelette, and a 1/2 dozen macarons (3 pistachio and 3 grapefruit).
Maison Robert's macarons were recommended by Sean (Take Thou Food), and they did not disappoint! I'm partial to the pistachio variety, but the grapefruit flavored macarons were delicious as well.
I also enjoyed the Black Cherry Frangipane.   I liked the fact that the almond custard wasn't too sweet (especially after the sugar rush you'll get from eating a macaron or two). I've always been a fan of black cherries, so this confection was right up my alley!

This adorable little lemon tartelette was as tasty as it looks.  I wish I'd bought two, but I didn't want to be too greedy!

Since I hadn't eaten any breakfast, I decided to grab a sandwich for the road. I opted for roast beef & swiss on a croissant, dressed with lettuce, tomato and mustard.

Oh my.  Don't you just love how sometimes the simplest things can be so good?  A buttery, flaky croissant, crisp fresh veggies, roast beef with a bit of shredded swiss=love.  Obviously, this isn't something I'd eat every day, but it's a great little indulgence.  

I'm looking forward to making a return trip to Maison Robert.  There are so many other treats I'd like to try, and I haven't even sampled the truffles yet!

Maison Robert Fine Chocolates 
5256 Peachtree Rd, Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 454-6442
(800) 782-3249
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  1. You got yourself quite a haul!

    The chocolate macarons are delicious as well. Try them next time you're there!